Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Semalam aku terima sms dari kawan aku. Pening, gemuruh, nak muntah. My fishing buddy, working colleagues, School senior is no longer in this world. Izad passed away yesterday evening in his house in Port Dickson about 630 pm after a month battling with bone cancer.

All the memories with him flash back in my head like tape being rewind. Some bad, good memorable,humorous.. I am not sure how to express this but I still cannot take it that he is no longer with us. During my driving there with Dasuki and Nasir last night there is still a glimpse of hope in my heart that this is a major hoax created by my circle of friend. Still praying to God actually.. until I saw his soulless body in front of my eyes. Tears burst. "Tears cannot bring him to life" my little heart told me that and you have to face it. I start reciting the Yasin.

God love him more than us... . Izad had meet his maker far more earlier than us...and he went there peacefully alone in his house.

Let us pray for His forgiveness to Allahyarham. May he is among the blessed soul. Alfatihah...

Norizad Hassali .... 1967~2010
Avid Anglers, True Friend